Antique Carpets

More than 1300 antique oriental carpets available In stock: Persian,Caucasien,Anatolian, Turkmen

Contemporary Signature Collection

All exclusive designs by Serge Nalbandian,hand woven in Nepal with wool & silk

Reoriented Oriental

Carpets with a completely new twisted perceptions to once called old classic.

Classical to Vintage

Upcycling classical old hand woven oriental carpets to unique contemporary pieces of art .

Koshafkar Persika distressed vintage collection

Unique metamorphosed old carpets

Patchwork Collection

The vintage patchwork collection are carpets re-introduced in multi cut patches and over dyed with a splash of colors .

Islamic Art

Our Gallery offers a vast collection of Islamic art effects , collected from around the world.

Christian Art

A Tradition of Passion Since FIVE Generations